d0sl Semantic Platform

d0SL is next generation of so called Business Rules Engines (BRE). Just like regular BRE’s d0SL allows you to implement business logic of your system by using declarative logical specifications language.


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Getting started

The simplest way to quickly understand d0sl Semantic Platform is to run our samples.

d0sl language

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Algorithms vs Logic. Or why all people understand logic, but only a small fraction of them can program.

Math foundation

d0sl is based on the developments of mathematicians from Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, one of the largest scientific centers in Russia.


How d0sl is different from other programming languages?

d0sl is not a programming language? It is a specification language allowing to create specifications which can be automatically converted into an executable program. Is similar to other low-code/no-code platforms in the sense that it automatically generates programming code.

Why semantic?

By semantic we mean “meaning”. d0sl is a semantic based processing platform allowing to create automated decision [support] systems. We use the word “semantic” here because d0sl allows to specify rules using the terms of a subject domain by domain experts who ain’t programmers. and to explain solutions made by such systems in the words understandable by them. d0sl is essentially a tool to create what we call “semantic” DSL (or sDSL), and execute specs written with such DSL.

Is it AI?

Yes, it is part of Symbolic AI, is related to semantic technologies like semantic web and knowledge graphs, but unlike them d0sl is specialized for near-real time transaction and event processing and automated decision [support] systems.

How Machine Learning is used in semantic processing?

There are two ways to create semantic specs with d0sl: From the mind of an expert: when domain experts write rules based on their knowledge From the data. We use Semantic Discovery algorithm to extract logical patterns from data and convert them into a d0sl specs.

What are areas of applications for d0sl?

We use d0sl in transaction and event processing systems in telecom, fintech, banking to allow our clients to amend and customize business logic of the applications which we develop and provide to them. Digital transformation of enterprises creates demand for semantic processing systems in the areas of autonomous decision making/support systems, predictive analytics, technology and business process modelling systems and digital twins.

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