In Semantic Model the use statement allows you to include other Semantic and Domain models. This means that if you included another semantic model through the use statement, you can call its predicates. Similarly it works with a domain model.

For example, below we include AutodromeDSL domain model:

use AutodromeDSL from

After that we can call domain functions defined in AutodromeDSL in our Semantic Model like this:

def can stop2(car : Car) means 
  check all 
    not AutodromeDSL.wall ahead(car) 
    not AutodromeDSL.road sign(car) ahead(car) 
end def
You can specify the implementation class for the domain model in the `from` field (for the Semantic Model, this is not necessary). The implementation class needs to be specified only if you want to run the model inside the MPS project.
If you specified an implementation class, it should be accessible via dependencies in your MPS project. The implementation can be added either through the jar file, or implemented directly in the MPS in a separate solution, as implemented for Chess and Autodrome examples.