You can use local variables inside check all block by entering var keyword.

There are important restrictions on the use of variables. First, you cannot change their value after it has been calculated. Secondly, each time the predicate is called, the value of a local variable is calculated only once. That is, if you use the variable reference several times within the predicate, the value will be calculated only when you first use

Variable example

# Testing for sin & cos 
def test() means 
  check all 
    var angle = 35 
    var cosinus = Math.cos(angle) 
    var sinus = Math.sin(angle) 
    var sum of squares = Math.pow(cosinus, 2) + Math.pow(sinus, 2) 
    # considering the features of the library java.lang.Math
    # and inaccurate calculations when converting degrees to radians 
    sum of squares <= 1 
    sum of squares >= 0.999999 
end def